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Our Services

Virtual CIO/CTO Services

Executive-level leadership and senior infrastructure and software engineering services, on your budget.

Open-Source Infrastructure

Stable, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure based on Linux and open-source tools. Windows is good too, for certain applications.

API Design & Integration

We've designed, implemented, or integrated with many APIs, from tiny microservices to massive web applications.

Entrepreneurs & Startups

Rootwork helps startups, including solo entrepreneurs, define a technical strategy, and implement a cost-effective Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

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Mid-Sized Companies

Some small and mid-sized businesses have "enterprise-grade" requirements (such as HIPAA, PCI, or FISMA/FIPS compliance) without an enterprise budget. Rootwork leverages commodity hardware and open-source software to build compliant, resilient, scalable systems on a budget.

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Large Organizations

Rootwork brings speed, flexibility, and innovation to large organizations. We can finish an entire project in the time it takes the internal team to approve it.

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About Us

In 2014, two experienced engineers left their jobs to focus on using their technical expertise and management skills to help other small and mid-sized businesses.

Dr. Craig Finch, Ph.D

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- John Smith, Florida

Mike Soule

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- Jane Smith, Ohio


Fixed-Price Projects

Up-front, fixed pricing for projects that have a clearly defined scope

Monthly Retainer

Monthly retainer for ongoing infrastructure management or virtual CIO/CTO services

Hourly Pricing

Hourly pricing is available for flexibility or research & development

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