Template Documentation


This documentation applies to all templates that Rootwork distributes through the Atlassian Marketplace for Confluence.

Basic Usage

  1. Install the templates from the Atlassian Marketplace for Confluence.
  2. Click the "Create" button in Confluence to create a new page draft.
  3. In the right-hand toolbar, select the space to hold the new page(s). Select the "Templates" tab and click "Marketplace" to filter the template list so that it only shows templates from the Marketplace.
    Screenshot of template selection during page creation
  4. Click the name of the "root" page, which will be the "parent" of the other pages. A box with the template name will pop up, and a preview of the template content will be loaded into the draft page, as shown below:
    Screenshot of template preview during page creation
  5. Enter a title for the "root" page and enter any content. The "child" pages will be created as soon as you click "Publish" on the parent page.
  6. The page hierarchy can be viewed in the left navigation pane of Confluence:


Why weren't the "child" page(s) created?

It is probably because one or more pages with the same name already exist. A basic limitation of Confluence is that no two pages in a workspace can have the exact same name. If you have already used the templates once in a workspace, the child pages were created. When used again in the same workspace, the child pages cannot be created because their names would be identical to existing pages. We are working on a solution to this problem in our next release, so that the template hierarchy can be created multiple times in the same workspace.

What happens to my content if I cancel my subscription to a Blueprint?

Nothing! You own what you create, and nothing changes if you cancel your subscription to the blueprint. However, the templates will no longer be available when you create new content pages.

What is the difference between a "template" and a "blueprint?"

A "template" is a Confluence page that is pre-populated with an outline or "skeleton" for content. A "blueprint" is an app available in the Atlassian Marketplace that provides templates. For more information, see this entry in the Confluence Knowledge Base.